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Ostatnia wygrana rudylis22 w Rankingu w dniu 16 Listopad 2017

rudylis22 posiada najczęściej lubianą zawartość!


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  1. Przejrzałem sobie ofertę sklepu z figurkami i ceny są zawrotne ... - 2 640,00 PLN - 29 500,00 PLN - 1 290,00 PLN - 1 650,00 PLN - 1 720,00 PLN - 1 530,00 PLN - 80,00 pln - 32,00 pln - 55,oo pln - 550,00 pln Normalnie, masakra ... Kilka fotek z "Avengers Infinity War":
  2. Czemu dziwna? Jak dla mnie, jest ok.
  3. Nie wiem, czy to dobry temat ale będzie komiksowy prequel "Zootopii":
  4. Na można nabyć Nicka z Disney Infinity za niecałe 10 zł. Niestety, nie ma już Judy.,p1119712255,multimedia-p
  5. Prawdopodobnie 18 kwietnia w ramach Wielkiej Kolekcji Komiksów Marvela ukaże się 141 tom kolekcji: " Szop Rocket: W pogoni za Władnym Ogonem".
  6. Kolejne plany Disneya: Aktorska wersja animacji Mulan trafi do kin 27 marca 2020 roku. Kolejne aktorskie filmy koncernu będą pojawiać się w następujących terminach: 4 października 2019 r., 8 listopada 2019 r., 14 lutego 2020 r., 29 maja 2020 r. (poprzednio 3 kwietnia 2020 r.); 9 października 2020 r., 23 grudnia 2020 r ., 12 lutego 2021 r., 28 maja 2021 r., 9 lipca 2021 r., 8 października 2021 r., 22 grudnia 2021 r., 27 maja 2022 r., 8 lipca 2022 r., 4 listopada 2022 r., 16 grudnia 2022 r. i 17 lutego 2023 r. Wśród nich znajduje się animacja zaplanowana na 23 listopada 2022 roku.
  7. Gdyby ktoś był zainteresowany, to 21 lutego ukazał się pierwszy tom "Anihilacja: Podbój", komiks, w którego skład wchodzi mini seria "Star Lord", w której dochodzi do pierwszego spotkania Petera Quilla, Rocketa i Groota (który gada!):
  8. Nie wiem, czy to jest jakiś znak a może przeciek?: Spójrzcie na podpis pod zdjęciem ludzkich wersji Judy i Nicka
  9. Prawdopodobnie będzie film "Rocket Raccoon and Groot" a nawet jeśli trójka będzie ostatnią częścią, to bohaterowie mają nadal funkcjonować w MCU, tylko już nie jako grupa i nie jako Strażnicy Galaktyki - Rocket może, np. trafić do Avengers jako nowy Stark, wynalazca
  10. Tak, ale Strażnicy będą już w kwietniu w "Avengers Infinity War" oraz za rok w "Avengers 4", więc praktycznie co rok spotkamy w kinie Quilla i spółkę "
  11. Trochę o tworzeniu postaci Rocketa: Framestore created Rocket on this first movie. How did you enhance it for this new episode? We rebuilt the asset from scratch using our latest fur and cloth sims. We also remodelled all of the shapes and took the good things from the first film and pushed the things we wanted to push. Rocket was also treated to a makeover, with an updated fur simulation using Framestore’s proprietary tool fcHairFilters creating a photo-realistic finish. How did you manage his interaction on set and with the cast? There were always a pole with a red ball where rocket’s eyes are. Also a plush Rocket toy was used for lighting ref. For Baby Groot there was a fantastically cute model that was placed for actor’s eyeline and lighting 🙂 Can you tell us more about his animation and especially his face? We did a face study of his shapes and compared them to the old Rocket. We also used a new eye rig system which was developed on FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM. Animation-wise, especially for the face, our starting point was Bradley Cooper’s filmed reference. We had helmet cam footage and a witness cam from 2 different angles. For lipsync, we took Bradley’s performance as a base, placing jaw movement and general lip shapes. When you look at Bradley and Rocket’s face cameras, they look almost identical. Unfortunately although this is a great way to kickstart the process, it didn’t always work perfectly in the animation because of Rocket’s long nuzzle. So we have to go back to basics and feel some of the shapes and push them. Also there were times we made his jaw movement bigger. One big challenge was Rocket’s fur. Once we saw Rocket rendered with fur, some of the shapes felt different or read differently. For example, when we pushed his upper lip up, we might see some gum but when we rendered it, the fur was covering some of it. Little things like that became a second nature after a while for animators. For the body performance, we relied on lots of in house reference we shot and analyzing Bradley’s gestures within the tone of the scene. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How did you split the work amongst these vendors? Splitting the work is always tricky, particularly on this one. Our two main CG characters, Rocket and Groot appear throughout the film, in many different sequences. Because of that, we realized very early on that not one single VFX company could do the all the character work. We assessed the script, broke it down and determined that the best approach was to split it among four different vendors, so that we could share the work load. Framestore, who created Rocket for the first film, took that model and rebuilt him from the ground up, paying particular attention to the facial structure, so that he could annunciate more clearly and be more expressive. They also created Baby Groot, then created character asset packages and shared those with Weta Digital, Method Studios and Trixter; Framestore worked closely with the other companies, taking input as to how best to share the characters, and everyone was very pleased with the results, being able to quickly bring them into very different pipelines, and getting them working very quickly. Let’s talk about the now iconic characters of Rocket and Baby Groot. What was your approach with them? We had a lot to go on from the first movie, but I was keen to add another layer of realism, particularly to Rocket. Their characters had already been established, which was a great starting point, but I wanted to make Rocket feel more alive, more animalistic and more believable, so we worked very hard on that. With Baby Groot, on the other hand, we tried to keep him as an alien twig creature, without falling too far into the cute, anthropomorphic, toddler that he could so easily become; we never needed to add to his cuteness in his animation as he was inherently cute from the start; we had to remember to keep him Buster Keaton neutral, and never to have him overact. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Can you explain in detail about the creation of Rocket and Baby Groot? Alessandro // Rocket is a Framestore creation, this must be said right from the start. It’s an incredibly successful character, fully established since the first movie. Besides, it’s a character which is utterly beloved by the director. You probably have read a whole literature about James Gunn and raccoons in general, Rocket in particular. So, when we got the asset delivered, and acknowledged about James’ specific concerns about splitting the character work among a few vendors -and with a reason consider how essential character continuity is- we knew what we were handling was a an A-class element, for the importance, as said, of the character per se, but also for the finest technical quality of every component: design, details, execution. The little bit of room left to our contribution laid into the rigging process and, of course, performance, animation. For the rest we ought to replicate Framestore’s excellence. Same applied for Baby Groot, with the exception that this was his first appearance as toddler. Yet we got the asset delivered, and moved from there. How did you handle their rigging and animation? Simone // Trixter’s in-house rigging department was in charge of rigging and muscle system for our shots of Rocket and Groot. Alessandro // we got to work a long dialogue sequence involving Rocket and many close ups and extreme close ups, so we felt like investing a bit more time in rigging his face and allow some fine nuance in his expressions, that level of subtlety which could add an additional layer to his personality. In another sequence, in the forest, he’s full back to his animalistic nature, performing a full range of acrobatic jumps, fights and funny ‘stunts’. Here’s were our animators and Simone had the most fun. Which references and indications did you received for the animation? Simone // We first received a quicktime, edited by Chris Townsend, representing James Gunn’s favorite and not so favorite Rocket animation shots from GUARDIANS 1, in order to define the character. We received Sean Gunn’s references as Rocket’s stand in on set, directed by James. We also used Bradley Cooper’s filmed ADR sessions. And James Gunn and Chris Townsend briefed us for Rocket and Groot performances for each individual sequence. Can you tell us more about their facial animation and especially Rocket? Simone // We created a library especially for Rockets facial expressions to help the animation team to be consistent and in Character. James Gunn gave a a very detailed briefing for how he generally sees both character Rocket and Baby Groot. He is very innocent never really aware of whats happening around him, playful, loves music, we used live action footage of small children as a reference for Baby Groot along with internally filmed action/motion references. How did you created the fur for Rocket? Alessandro // As mentioned before, this was a perfect match to Framestore’s reference. Our main goal was to create a replica, hair by hair, of their version. As matter of fact we preferred to import the hair as curves, ingesting high detail fur cache from lead vendor -with its consequences: literally millions of curve shapes!- rather than attempting a full re-grooming with the risk of diverging with the visual results achieved by Framestore and approved by Marvel. Swoją drogą, zauważyłem, że Rocket stosuje ten sam patent, co Nick w jednej ze scen w "Zootopii" i też czasami chodzi na czterech łapach
  12. Musiałem zmienić tv, ponieważ mój Samsung KS7000 miał uszkodzoną matrycę a Samsung nie potrafił go naprawić ze względu na brak części, więc zabrali mi tv i oddali kasę Dopłaciłem i kupiłem Sony 55 XE9305, który ma znacznie lepszy HDR, niż Samsung (średnio, 12000 cd/m2 w porównaniu do 530 cd/m2 w Samsungu) i zarówno gry na PS4 PRO, jak i filmy UHDBD wyglądają bardzo dobrze, choć, niestety, mój odtwarzacz nie wspiera HDR w standardzie Dolby Vision, a tv już tak. "Guardians of the Galaxy vol2" wygląda świetnie, zwłaszcza w tych miejscach, gdzie są wybuchy, eksplozje, wystrzały, ogień lub ogólnie, jasne, jaskrawe elementy, efekty na ekranie. Źródło:
  13. Ech, śmiech na sali. Panini nie wydało w Polsce albumu z naklejkami do "Strażników Galaktyki 2" ale do "Ligii Sprawiedliwości" już tak. Połowa tegoż albumu, to fabuła filmów "Człowiek ze Stali", "Batman vs Superman" i "Wonder Woman" a tylko końcówka to LS Swoją drogą, nie mogłem się oprzeć:
  14. Kolejny filmik, min. o tworzeniu Rocketa w vol 2: